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Perchance to Dream ABA Services

Perchance to Dream is an service for families in the Durham region that uses the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) to change behaviour.  We provide various levels of service for families and children between the ages of two to early adolescence.  

ABA is the science of behaviour, by studying a person's behaviour it is possible to evaluate and change socially significant behaviours.  Once the behaviours have been observed and their functions and contingencies determined, individualized interventions are created.  By changing what occurs before and or after a behaviour we can change the frequency of that behaviour.

At Perchance to Dream we work with your child, community partners and other professionals to make the behavioural changes for success now and into adulthood.


Types of Service

therapy room 5.jpg


Therapy Room
Play Room
therapy room1.jpg

Currently services are offered in a home based environment with two rooms designated for Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) based services.  

The Therapy Room has tables and chairs for preschool to school age children.  The room is set up to allow for floor and table activities depending on the child. Preschool through to elementary school activities and reinforcement are organized in this space.  Group or individual programs may be conducted in this setting.

The Play Room is a designated space for children 2-7 to work on imaginary and social play skills.  This space is designed based on the PPLAC program.



Excited Children in Science Class
Kitty Love
Please Note: the therapy environment is a pet friendly space.  There are cats for those with allergies.  Community options can be explored when required.

Assessment, consultation and therapy may be offered in various environments.  This can include the home, community, child care or school setting.  It can vary on the needs of the family and ability to get consent from other agencies.  We will work together to determine what works best for you.

Family Dinner

Clinical Supervisor and Owner

Amber Zealand M.ADS BCBA


Amber is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) and has a Masters of Applied Disabilities Studies from Brock University with a Specialization in Applied Behaviour Analysis.


Amber has been working with children for over fifteen years.  During this time,  Amber has worked in recreation, high-needs respite programs, Intensive Behaviour Intervention (IBI) programs, homes, child cares and the school system.  Amber has experience working with individuals with autism spectrum disorder, fetal alcohol syndrome, oppositional defiance disorder, conduct disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, learning disabilities, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, speech delays, developmental delays and typical developing individuals.  

Amber has worked with children from twelve months into their adolescence. Amber has competency in self-help skills such as feeding, toileting and dressing.  Amber has experience with highly aggressive and non-compliant children.  As a behaviour analyst all services follow the ABA approach.

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