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What is a behavioural assessment?

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 Behavioural assessments are methods or tools that allow us to evaluate the function of the behaviour.

Assessments may include direct testing to determine a child's current skill level to ensure the best replacement behaviours are chosen.

What does a behavioural assessment look like?


Behavioural assessments start with a functional behaviour interview.  Service provided by Perchance to Dream will typically follow one of the blue arrows, some difference may occur.  The green arrows are optional and can be discussed on an individual basis.  

Applied Behaviour Analysis is about doing what is right for the individual and NOT just providing the same thing for everyone.  Service options will be discussed and chosen based on what makes sense for the child and the family.

Are there any forms that need to be completed before the assessment?

At our first meeting all informed consents and service contracts will be reviewed.  If the families chooses to move forward with service the functional behaviour interview will occur.  At this time additional forms or data collection tools will also be provided to the family; these forms may be in paper or electronic form.  The types of forms and number will vary based on the family and the behaviours of the child.


Can my insurance cover any of these services?

At this time, there is no insurance that covers behaviour services unless it is being offered through a psychologist which at this time Perchance to Dream does not offer.

If a family is accessing services and they have a child diagnosed with autism they are able to use their childhood budget for this type of service.


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