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Board Certified Assistant Behaviour Analyst (BCaBA)

What is a Board Certified Assistant Behaviour Analyst (BCaBA)? 

There are multiple requirements to earn the designation of BCaBA, including: under-graduate level education, supervised placements and successful completion of a written exam.  On-going Continuing Education Units (CEU)'s are required to maintain the designation including ethics.  BCaBAs are required to be supervised by Board Certified Behaviour Analysts (BCBA).  BCaBA are able to supervise the work of Registered Behaviour Therapists  (RBT).

Ontario is reviewing regulation of Behaviour Analysts with the College of Psychologists but currently this is the level of certification available and it is used internationally.

How can I earn my designation as a Certified Assistant Behaviour Analyst?

There are four components required to complete the designation:  


Undergraduate Degree









Either after or during the first two steps I can offer supervision services to someone looking to collect the supervision hours.  Please reference the BACB website for all specifics about the process:

Will you supervise someone after they have completed their BCaBA designation?

Yes, I will supervise individuals that are certified as BCaBAs that wish to maintain their certification but do not have a BCBA in their work environment.  The BCAB outlines the supevision expectations for the BCaBA and these will need to be followed including the amount of direct supervision hours (   I have worked with companies and families to establish informed consent for supervision purposes.  If this is of interest to you we can discuss the process in more detail.


How long will you supervise a BCaBA?

I will supervise a BCaBA as long as they are working in an area that is within my competency and I have skills that I can offer them.  Once I have provided the BCaBA with all the training I have to offer I will assit them in locating a new supervisor.  If during our contract the BCaBA changes positions and moves outside my scope of competency I will retain them and assist them in looking for a new supervisor but I can not provide information that is outside my scope.  


Do you have liability insurance?

Yes, I have liability insurance and also have a Vulnerable Sector Criminal Reference Check (CRC) done every 6 months.  These are available and can be provided at any time for yourself or employers.


What is the cost for supervision?

I typicalyl try to block supervision time into chunks of 60-90 minutes and charge a flat rate regardless of how long we actually meet.  I do not charge extra for any phone calls or emails between these supervision sessions. 

If the direct supervision occurs in the Durham region I will not charge extra for travel time or mileage.  If direct supervision occurs outside of the Durham region, we will discuss if additional charges are required.


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