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Board Certified Behaviour Analysis (BCBA)

What is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst?

There are multiple requirements to earn the designation of BCBA, including: graduate level education, supervised placements and than successful completion of a written exam.  On-going Continuing Education Units (CEU)'s are required to maintain the designation including ethics.  BCBA's are qualified to supervise the work of Board Certified Assistant Behaviour Analysts (BCaBAs) and Registered Behaviour Technicians (RBTs).  

Ontario is reviewing regulation of Behaviour Analysts with the College of Psychologist but currently this is the level of certification available and it is used internationally.

How can I earn my designation as a Behaviour Analyst?

There are four components required to complete the designation:  











Either after or during the first two steps I can offer supervision services to someone looking to collect the supervision hours.  Please reference the BACB website for all specifics about the process:

Do you provide the clients for me to work with for my hours?

At this time NO.  I am currently providing this service part time and am not able to provide enough clients or hours to fulfill supervision requirements.  I have worked with individuals that are employed in companies that do not have BCBA's on staff but are completing ABA based work.  We have worked with the company to fulfill observation requirements.  This does require multiple levels of informed consent as direct observation of you implimenting ABA based services is required.  


Do you have liability insurance?

Yes, I have liability insurance and I also have a Vulnerable Sector Criminal Reference Check (CRC) done every 6 months.  These are available and can be provided at any time for yourself or employers.


Can you provide remote supervision or does it have to be in person?

I can provide in person, remote or a combination of supervision.  We need to ensure that the requirements of the BACB are fulfilled with direct supervision hours occurring.  If remote supervision and any video or documentation of client information is being shared we need to ensure there is consent and confidential transmitions are in accordance with PIPEDA.


Will you supervise me for all my hours?

I can supervise in the areas that I have competency.  It is suggested that individuals have multiple supervisors to ensure they learn all areas that are relevant.  While supervising I will continue to support until a new supervisor is located.  However I will identify and not offer supervision in areas beyond my competency.  We can discuss what makes the most sense for supervision on an individual basis.


What is the cost for supervision?

I typically try to block supervision time into chunks of 60-90 minutes and charge a flat rate regardless of how long we actually meet.  I do not charge extra for any phone calls or emails between these supervision sessions.

If the direct supervision occurs in the Durham region I will not charge extra for travel time or mileage.  If direct supervision occurs outside of the Durham region, we will discuss if additional charges are required.


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