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Parent Training

Any service provided beyond assessment will require parent involvement in the form of parent training.


ABA therapists are in your child's life for a moment; you are there forever.  You need to be able to have these skills when we leave.

What will parent training look like?

1) Instruction/ Explanation: a brief overview of why and what is being taught.  This is your opportunity to ask questions.

2) Model: we will demonstrate the skill either with your child or with you to show what we just talked about. 

3) Rehearse: you will have the opportunity to practise the skill with me or with your child.

4) Feedback: we will provide you feedback to make sure you are doing the steps correctly.  This will be positive or negative.

5) Practice: give you time to practice the skills and check-in.

**this is the ideal framework and it may look different based on the situation**


How long will it take?

This will vary based on the skill that is being taught and the person learning.  It may be done in one session or require multiple  sessions.

What is the cost of parent training?

Parent training would be included as part of the hourly rate service fee that was negotiated.   This part would vary because it would depend if I was supervising RBT or BCaBAs who were implementing the programs or parents.  

If it is parents implementing the programs than the majority of my time would be working with them and the child.

If there is a team of RBTs or BCaBAs, they may be doing more of the parent training and I would do check-ins to ensure the trainings  were progressing.

The cost would vary than depending on the time and type of service required.


Do you ever do group parent trainings?

Yes, I have done parent knowledge and skill trainings.  If there is a group of families or an organization that is interested in a specific topic that is within my competency I can create a training.  We can discuss the format and type of presentation desired.  



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