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PEAK (Promoting the Emergence of Advanced Knowledge)

What is PEAK?

Is an assessment and curriculum that focuses on language and cognitive skill areas.  The focus of PEAK is to teach individuals how to learn so that they can generalize the skills they learn in therapy to all areas of their life.

"Learning How to Learn"

Mark R. Dixon


What age range?

Designed for ages 2 to 17.

Does the child learn from all 4 modules?

Yes, unless they are a very early learner they will have programs from all 4 modules.  

What does the Assessment look like?

There are 4 different modules that have a direct and indirect assessment component.   

Foundational learning skills: asking for items, compliance, and imitation

Perceptual learning: identifying and matching objects

Verbal comprehension skills: answering questions

Verbal reasoning skills: answering questions, memory, math skills.

 How to complete the assessment varies based on the learner but for an early learner it may be best to space out and complete one module per session.  For an older or more skilled learner it may be possible to do multiple assessments in one session with breaks in-between. 

It takes on average two hours with the child to complete the assessment.


Does PEAK work?

-there is on-going evidence of the positive effects of PEAK, including IQ increasing pre and post intervention, skill development

-skills that have shown changes with PEAK intervention include: reasoning, perspective taking, advanced language comprehension skills in math /reading and generalization.

- for publications about PEAK

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