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PPLAC (Pretend Play Language Assessment and Curriculum)

What is PPLAC?

It is an assessment and curriculum that looks to teach social play and communication skills to young children.  It follows the developmental stages of play by breaking it down into small steps to measure and teach young children who are struggling to play. 

What is the age for PPLAC?

2 to 7 years old

Is PPLAC just for those with Autism?

NO, it is for any young child that is having difficulty with social or pretend play skills

Vet PPLAC1.jpg

Is there any research or evidence for PPLAC?

Nancy Champlin has degrees in elementary education and is BCBA.  Melissa Schissler has a Masters in Applied Behaviour Analysis and is BCBA.  They are the creators of PPLAC and in combination with other individuals continue to research play and the use of PPLAC to advance play skills.  

How long does the PPLAC assessment take?

There is a brief 5 minute independent play assessment.  Based on this a longer play assessment with a peer may occur.

Does the PPLAC assessment have to happen in the play room?

- No, we do this assessment in any environment with toys.

Sample Play Areas

In the play room there are different play schemes set up that allow for independent and sociodramatic play.  Currently in the play room there are the following schemes: baby, birthday, kitchen, vet, pirate, camping and grocery store.  

Shopping PPLAC1.jpg


-peers play together to pick items

Shopping PPLAC2.jpg


-one peer 'scanns' items

Shopping PPLAC3.jpg


-peer scans the others 'credit card'

Grocery Shopping


Cooking PPLAC2.jpg


-washing food

Cooking PPLAC1.jpg


-cutting vegitables for soup

Kitchen PPLAC3.jpg


-cooking soup on the stove

Birthday / Pirates

Birthday PPLAC3.jpg


-candle on the cake

Pirate PPLAC2.jpg

Dress Up

-pirates joined the party with masks and eye patches

Birthday PPLAC2.jpg


-passing cup cakes to friend

Birthday PPLAC1.jpg


-having a cupcake

Play Tubs 

Developed by Nancy Champlin BCBA, the play tubs are included for stage 3 of PPLAC.    The Play Tubs contain the materials and visuals for all the independent and sociodramatic play.  We have the Play Tubs available and will use with our learners.  

Playtubs PPLAC.jpg

Cooking Play Tub

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