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Registered Behaviour Therapist (RBT)

What is a Registered Behaviour Therapist (RBT)? 

There are multiple requirements to earn the designation of RBT, including: minimum of a high school diploma, 40- hours of  training, completion of a background check, pass the RBT competency assessment and then successful completion of a written exam.  RBTs work under the supervision of either a BCaBA, BCBA, BCBA-D.  The BCaBA or BCBA is the one responsible for the work of the RBT.

Ontario is investigating regulation of Behaviour Analysts with the College of Psychologists but currently this is the level of certification available and it is used internationally.

What is the 40 hour training?

As part of completing the RBT designation process a 40 hour training must occur.  There are various on-line options to complete this course sequence.  Below are a few (none are recommended above another):




I am not typically involved while someone is completing this part of the process, however as part of the Competency Assessment a copy of the certification of completion for this course must be presented.

What is the Competency Assessment?

This is the part that I supervise and assess the skills that were taught in the 40 hour training.  The amount of time taken on the competency assessment various based on the previous knowledge and experience of the individual.  

I have created a competency assessment manual that includes data sheets and additional handout material to supplement the process.  We follow the task list and I will only sign off on the competency assessment when skills are at mastery level. 

Please reference the current BACB competency assessment:

Please reference the current BACB RBT task list:

As part of the competency assessment you need to demonstrate the behaviour tactics with clients.  I am able to provide access to preschool and elementary aged clients for you to model skills.  If you are currently working with other individuals and  would prefer they be your clients for direct modeling we can discuss that approach.  If your clients are to be used, informed consents and transportation / storage of data must occur as per the PIPEDA Act.


Do you provide on-going supervision once I have completed my RBT certification?

At this time, No.  However, if in the future I am working with a family that also has an RBT working with a child, I am willing to discuss this posibility.  


Do you have liability insurance?

Yes, I have liability insurance and a also have a Vulnerable Sector Criminal Reference Check (CRC) done every 6 months.  These are available and can be provided at any time for yourself or employers.


What is the cost for supervision?

I typically try to block supervision time into chunks of 60-90 minutes and charge a flat rate regardless of how long we actually meet.  I do not charge extra for any phone calls or emails between these supervision sessions.

If the direct supervision occurs in the Durham region I will not charge extra for travel time or mileage.  If direct supervision occurs outside of the Durham region, we will discuss if additional charges are required.

I am available for telephone calls even after the Competency Assessment is complete as individuals are studying for the RBT exam with no fee attached.


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